Backcountry Skiing Tips: #1 - Whympr

Backcountry Skiing Tips: #1

Tips for safe backcountry travel

Whympr has been working with the AMGA to bring you high quality content so you can continue building your mountain skillset while staying safe at home. You can continue to follow this weekly series on our Facebook page with a couple bonus videos on Instagram weekly as well.

Climbing Skin Care:

Your skins need love too! Store them properly, wax them if needed, and make sure the glue is in tact. These quick tips will make your backcountry skiing outing that much more enjoyable and

Emergency Shelter Preparation

It’s important to be prepared for anything when heading out into the backcountry, especially when spending the night would mean freezing temps. Build your emergency shelter skillset so you are prepared for any scenario that might keep you out in tough conditions.

Emergency Shelter from American Mountain Guides Assoc on Vimeo.

Avalanche Beacon Check

Are you beeping? This should be common practice with you and your backcountry partners, in order to make sure everyone has their beacons and that they are working properly. Take some tips from this AMGA video for beacon check procedures to keep your crew safe.

Beacon Check from American Mountain Guides Assoc on Vimeo.