Calamès - Riobi - Calamès - Couserans - Aran N - France
Min / max altitude650m / 1066m
Duration1 day
Main facingS
Route typereturn_same_way


see Pilier des Cathares


second line of spit at the left of this one Pilier des Cathares climbing a small grass couloir about 10 meters.

L# | 5b+ | L# | 5b+ | L# | 5c |

Way down

in R3 upsail in the way.

Posible continuation

to do more climbing you may add L4 of Rio:

L# | 5b | L# | 3 | Transition “longueur” and walk L# | 5b |

Way down

see Pilier des Cathares

The mix with Rio and “le Pilier des Cathares” give a nice way homogène enough in the 5b/c

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