Buchstein - Schmankerl - Buchstein - Lechtaler Alpen - Wetterstein - Karwendel - Germany
Min / max altitude1520m / 1700m
Duration1 day
Main facingSE
Route typeloop
Gear12 quickdraws or a little bit more.. nothing else needed.

Nice route well bolted in mid-mountain environment.

L#|5a| Starts at the foot of the crack on grass. The name of the route is embedded in the rock (metal plate) L#|5b| Very nice Duelfer L#| 5c+| Chimney like climbing, when you see no more spits go on the left towards the big tree L#| 5a| Big holds L#| 2 |Ends at the summit (or close)

Once at the summit you can go W towards the Tegernseerhuette (for a nice bier) and go down the footpath to the bottom of the cliff.

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