Juan de Fuca Marina Trail - Juan de Fuca Park - Canada

Juan de Fuca Marina Trail

Juan de Fuca Park - Canada

Min / max altitude34m
Duration2 days
Main facingS
Route typetraverse

A very easy trail which offers marine and wildlife viewing in a beautiful forest with lot of cedar trees.

The trail cross the suspension bridge (0,8 km) then go down to Mystic Beach (2km) for a first campsite.

Then the trail continues along Juan de Fuca Strait in the NW direction. You go from one beach to another one, the trail is inside and turn around several cliffs.

Bear Beach is at km 7, Sombrio Beach the last one at km 28.

You can choice to descend to a beach like Mystic or Bear and come back, or cross from E to W Juan de Fuca National Park (then you need from one to three days, depending how fast you want to walk).

You may normally see seals swimming or sleeping on the beach. Very plaisant trail with children.

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