Kumotori emergency hut (雲取避難小屋) - From Kamosawa (鴨沢), back to Okutama (奥多摩) - Kumotori (雲取山) - Japan

Kumotori emergency hut (雲取避難小屋) - From Kamosawa (鴨沢), back to Okutama (奥多摩)

Kumotori (雲取山) - Japan

Min / max altitude350m / 2017m
Duration2 days
Main facingSW
Route typetraverse
GearÉventuellement, crampons/piolet en hiver. Les japonais ont surtout des "demi-crampons" : 2 ou 4 pointes qui se mettent sous la semelle. Sauf chutes de neige exceptionnelles, raquettes inutiles.

Take care:

  • the given lengths are very approximative.

  • the given elevations are not cumulative, but the top-bottom difference (bad info, sorry). It’s still very close to the real elevation as this hike is pretty much straightforward: climb up on the first day, down on the second. Maybe you should count an additional 200m on the first day and 400m on the second.

Day 1 (5h, 15km, +1567m): Kamosawa (鴨沢) ]〜小袖〜堂所〜七ツ石分岐〜ブナ坂〜奥多摩小屋〜小雲取山〜Kumotori emergency hut (雲取避難小屋)] et Kumotori (雲取山)]

Day 2 (6h, 20km, -1667m): Kumotori (雲取山)]〜小雲取山〜奥多摩小屋〜ブナ坂〜七ツ石分岐〜鷹ノ巣避難小屋〜将門馬場〜六ッ石分岐〜Okutama (奥多摩)] On every minor summit from the way down, it is possible to either follow the crest - which adds up something like 400m elevation and provides you with a nicer bview, or to cut short by staying on the mountain’s flank. Under severe weather conditions (mud, snow) it would be better to follow the crest as the flank’s path is very narrow and cuts through very steep slopes - though under dry conditions there’s definitely no problem.

A 2 days hike, with a wonderful view on Mount Fuji, very easy to get to from Tokyo. Over summer, this hike is certainly packed with people, but over winter it is very nice. You can go there with the train till Okutama (奥多摩)] and then with the bus till Kamosawa (鴨沢) ]. Coming back to Tokyo is quite easy with the train from Okutama (奥多摩)].

The path is very easy to follow. Take care to write down the kanjis for the summit Kumotori (雲取山): at every cross, a sign will show the right direction.

There are 4 staffed hut and 3 camping grounds at less than 2h walk from the summit. The unstaffed hut Kumotori emergency hut (雲取避難小屋)] is a very good one.

You can add a third day to this hike by climbing Mitake-san (御岳), which is very close to the bouldering area Mitake (御嶽 ou 御岳)].

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