Le Luisin - By the SE (Fleuriers ) Ridge - Le Luisin - Haut Giffre - Aiguilles Rouges - Fiz - Switzerland
Min / max altitude1770m / 2785m
Duration1 day
Main facingSE
Route typetraverse

A very pleasant outing with some easy scrambling. Best done as a round trip, returning by the Emaney valley.

Access Get to La Creusaz. The easiest way if coming from Chamonix is to take the train to Les Maracottes and then walk up to the top of the village to the cable car. Only open July and August, (check on www.telemarecottes.ch) Return ticket cost 16sfr in 2017.

Route 2h30 From the cable car station in La Creusaz, go left, past the cafe, to join a metalled road. Follow this up to the first hairpin bend, where there is a sign for “Luisin”. Follow this path. well marked by footfall and blue and white stripes, to the summit. The path traverses, initially below a dyke, then goes up through some avalanche defences to reach the ridge. From here the path follows the ridge, mostly on its left flank , passing a repeater station at around 2300m and with some chains and even ladders near the summit. The summit has a large cross and an even larger telecommunication aerial, both visible from the cafe in La Creusaz.

**Descent ** 2h30 It is possible to go back the same way (1h30). A much more pleasant way is to go down the West Ridge, (the normal route and good, easy path) to the Emaney Col. From here go down on the left to reach the head of the Emaney valley, (where a path continues straight on to the Barberine Col). Go down the Emaney valley, to join a 4×4 track at a little dam, which soon leads to a lovely small farm with a cafe. Continue down the 4×4 track until a signposted track on the left leads up and leftwards back to La Creusaz. (A good hour from the signpost, careful if you are running late , the last cable car is at 17.00h. If this is the case continue down the 4×4 track and then the footpath on the right to the station at Tretien, 1h30 from the signpost.)

A nice 5 hour hike that needs a good head for heights, It should be quiet and away from the Chamonix crowds. There are with lots of variations possible, e.g. starting from Maracottes

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