Torrent du Vivier - Sortie vers Passy - Torrent du Vivier - Haut Giffre - Aiguilles Rouges - Fiz - France
Min / max altitude780m / 1100m
Duration1 day
Main facingN
Route typeLoop



Cross the Sixt towards the Cirque du Fer à Cheval at the first bridge on the right, (or second if there is too much snow at the first) and park close to the cemetery. Walk up the stream bed, bypassing the first steep section on the left in the woods.


From the bridge over the Vivier, go along its left bank, (looking up). Go straight up through the woods to bypass a steep section. Bypass a second step (ramp at 70/80°) to the left by snow and ice because there is usually too much water under the ice. Now climb lots of short steps and a pleasant passage in the woods.


At the crossing of a 4×4 track at around 1060m follow it to the right. It joins the track which leads to the hamlet of Passy aux Vagnys. Turn to the right, descend by Passy then the road, to reach the start.

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