Punta di Trubinasca - Spigolo Ovest-Sud - Punta di Trubinasca - Engadin - Disgrazia - Italy

Punta di Trubinasca - Spigolo Ovest-Sud

Punta di Trubinasca - Italy

Min / max altitude2577m / 2998m
Duration1 day
Main facingS
Route typereturn_same_way
GearJuego de friends, nuts y alguna cinta, no material específico necesario

Approach # 30-40 min

From Bivacco Pedroni Dal Pra. Starts 20m from the S Ridge in the corner (selection of the right corner is quite unclear).


Generally the route follows the corner and crossing little ridge to the left if the corner becomes more difficult. There is a belaying station in the second parallel corner under a overhang. Following the second corner (left at the beginning) and later still up you will reach a main south ridge. Next two easier pitches are just following the ridge and crossing little “towers” on it. 5th pitch starts under large chimney closed by hanging boulder, approximately 15-20m left from the south ridge. Climbing right side of the chimney and passing the boulder directly seems to be easiest way. The chimney /corner will lead you on the top (2 pitches).


Rappel down using “Trubifix” route.

  • Few quite old pittons can be found.
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