Ramougn - Northern Spur then North-West Ridge - Ramougn - Bigorre - Ordesa - France

Ramougn - Northern Spur then North-West Ridge

Ramougn - Bigorre - Ordesa - France

Min / max altitude2175m / 3011m
Duration1 day
Main facingN
Route typeloop
GearAlgún fisurero y friend. las numerosas fisuras son irregulares : mejor llevar hexentrics

Ascent: This route was opened in May 1965 by F. Gohier, J and P. Ravier, is located at the centre of the north face and follows the edge of the spur.

From Lac d’Aubert, you reach Brèque de Barris, then climb the north-east dale of the Ramougn to foot of the spur. The approach takes 2h.

Start the climb at an orange dihedral on the left of the edge of the spur (IV/IV +). Then climb the crack which dominates and turns into an excellent party ledge (IV/IV +). Traverse towards the left on beautiful slabs (UK-4a /US-5.5) and reach the base of a large open book. Go up it on two pitches (all UK-4a /US-5.5 with an IV+/V step). Top out by a shoulder on the right side and reach the summit. Total 2h of rock climbing.

Bibliography: - Pascal Ravier - Vallée d’Aure, Le Kairn

Descent: From the summit descend by the northwest ridge (some II steps) to reach the foot of the face, or to supplement the brevity of the route, to continue along the ridge as far as the summit of the Néouvielle (3091m). It is a pretty and easy ridge (II steps). Then descend the Néouvielle via the eastern side to reach the Brèque de Barris. Time 2h.

Facing completely north, this very short route can be undertaken in a very reasonable amount of time. Hard snow may remain at its foot.

Very short and homogeneous route rated IV/IV +.

Splendid small steep and unrelenting route within its difficulty. It is an excellent approach high mountain climbing.

Access: After A64, exit at Lannemezan. Go towards Vallée of Aure and then Spain. At Fabian take the Route des Lacs to reach Lac d’Orédon. From there, it is possible to reach Lac d’Aubert by car between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.. Otherwise there is a shuttle between Orédon and Aubert.

Accommodation: The Néouvielle massif is classified as a Nature Reserve . There are bivouac areas near Lac d’Orédon and Lac d’Aubert. There is a refuge above Lac d’Orédon and plenty of lodging and camp-sites in Vallée d’Aure.

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