Tour Verte - Le Piège - Tour Verte - Mont-Blanc - France

Tour Verte - Le Piège

Tour Verte - Mont-Blanc - France

Min / max altitude2500m / 2760m
Duration1 day
Main facingSE
Route typereturn_same_way
Gear- jeu de friends variés - quelques câblés - sangles - corde 2×50 m

A very direct, steep and varied line. One of the nearest routes to the Envers hut. Gives a short day.

Approach # 5min

From the hut, take the ladders to the S then after after 50m climb to the right towards the Tour Verte. Take the furthest right of the three pillars, with a superb, 8/10cm wide, square cut crack. (Broad ledge just underneath.)


L# | 6a+ | Start on the right (5c) then traverse to the left (bolt) and up the jamming crack (6a+). 6b if you start from the bottom. L# | 6a | Slab then layback up a thin crack L# | 6a | Ledges then broken rock on the right L# | 6a+ | Cracks and corners, (right then left then right on an orange slab to avoid an overhang). L# | 5c | Corner then a little roof. L# | 5b | Slab to the left. Lots of possibilies.


Abseil down the route, well equipped, 2 bolts and a ring.

Adventure climbing “sanitized” with good belays and bolts on the “unprotectable” slabs.

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