Wissgrätli - Normal route from Zervreila - Wissgrätli - Bündner Oberland - Adula - Tessin E - Switzerland
Min / max altitude1840m / 2866m
Duration1 day
Main facingNW
Route typereturn_same_way
GearCouteaux souvent utiles pour la traversée vers chalets de Gross Guraltesch.

Ascent # 4h - approximately 8 km

From Zervreila , take the road which leads to the Zervreilasee dam. After a few tens of meters (in distance), take the trail on the left which leads in an ascending traverse (to the E) to the Gross Guraletsch chalets (2010m). Go up the easy going slopes towards the S to reach, towards 2450m, the foot of Bleschaturra which is on the crest NE of Wissgrätli. Skirt Bleschaturra (to the SW) until the approximate elevation of 2600m. Go diagonally to the left, via steeper slopes, to reach the NNE pass of Wissgrätli (2705m). This pass separates Bleschaturra from Wissgrätli. Climb the NE crest of Wissgrätli until the summit (2866).


By the same route, or directly down the NNW face of Wissgrätli, steeper and equipped with some small rock barriers. If you want to lengthen the descent somewhat, around 1900m, continue NW descending directly until the road (instead of traversing towards the Zervreila Clubhotel) to the elevation of 1760m. However, here you have to carry the skis on the road until the Zervreila Clubhotel (100m of HD, approximately 1 km in distance).


On the course described above, a sequence is possible with the principal summit of Bleschaturra (2733m) and/or with its NE pass (2655m). More ambitious is the sequence with Fanellhorn (3124m). You traverse (to the E) the N slopes of Fanellhorn, either directly from the summit of Wissgrätli, or via the NE pass to reach its E slope that you climb to the summit. It takes around an additional three hours round trip.

  • The relatively high starting altitude limits the probability of carrying skis.
  • S3 (very quickly S4) for the final slopes of Wissgrätli. S3 also under Bleschaturra and under the Gross Guraletsch chalets (not very comfortable ascent traverse, particularly in hard snow). Otherwise S2.
  • Overall NW. The summit crest of Wissgrätli is NNE.
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