Pointe du Borgne - Traversing Col du Borgne - Pointe du Borgne - Vanoise - France
Pointe du Borgne - Traversing Col du Borgne

Pointe du Borgne - Traversing Col du Borgne

Pointe du Borgne - Vanoise - France

Min / max altitude3080m / 3078m
Duration1 day
Main facingN
GearArva pala, sonda, corda, pelli di foca.


This route is done in three parts with a steep descent, followed by a climb in skins of 250 meters, then a descent via the Glacier du Borgne.

From Val Thorens, go to the summit of the chair lift of the glacier via Peclet funicular. From the summit take the red piste of the glacier on the left to the north, which is a road cut in the snow. At the first turn, climb the crest on the right on foot or on skis as best you can between the rocks in 5 minutes. From the crest descend slightly to a geodetic point which marks the start of the corridor via a semi-pass around 3070 meters. This pass is called Col des Tempêtes but it does not correspond to the Col des Tempêtes on the map.

Descend completely east in the corridor at more than 40 degrees for 100 meters on skis or often on foot depending on the conditions. A rope is advised for the start. Follow the corridor which becomes slightly less sloping until the base on the left edge of the Gébroulaz glacier around 2880 meters. From there, traverse to the side losing as little altitude as possible while staying on the left bank of the glacier. You arrive in a small dale enclosed by Col du Borgne around 2800 meters, take off your skis and put on your seal skins. Climb towards Col du Borgne which is not very well marked. The slope at 35 degrees under the pass sometimes requires sidestepping. The southeast facing dale can be very hot during the ascent.

From Col du Borgne descend on the broad Glacier du Borgne completely north on slopes between 25 and 30 degrees. The entire slope is skiable. Continue easily following the moraine in the same direction. You reach the red Lac de la Chambre piste around an altitude of 2400 meters. Then descend the packed pistes to reach Plan des Mains at 2130 meters. From this point, to get to Val Thorens take the Plan des Mains chair lift, then the Cote Brune chair lift.

Variant: From Gébroulaz glacier, it is possible to reach Mottaret without putting on skins by following the valley via the Saut refuge which is the end of the Gébroulaz route.

The altitude at more than 3000 meters requires good weather conditions.

The first corridor known as “du Col de la Tempête” is a fairly steep 40 degrees for 100 meters, but it does not have rock barriers.

The first corridor faces completely east and heats up quickly. The ascent to Col du Borgne faces southeast and can be a real furnace.

Access: Moûtiers>Val-thorens in 35 Km. You must pay to park. You must get a 3 Vallées ski pass because you return via Mottaret. It is possible to start from any of the 3 Vallées stations. The first tram to Funitel is at 9:15. The last return with the Cote Brune chair lift is from 4:15 to 4:40 depending on the time of year.

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