Col de Tricot - Traverse of the Col de Tricot - Col de Tricot - Mont-Blanc - France

Col de Tricot - Traverse of the Col de Tricot

Col de Tricot - Mont-Blanc - France

Min / max altitude1300m / 2299m
Duration1 day
Main facingSW
Route typetraverse
Lift approach

It is best to leave a car in advance at La Gruvaz, if not going on to Les Contamines


  • From Les Houches From the top of the Bellevue cable car go SSW, cross the railway line to reach a track. Follow this SW, crossing several little (avalanche) runnels until it descends slightly to a flat area near the Chalet de l’Are.
    Alternatively, from Bellevue cross the railway line and ski down the clearing under the pylons. Possible to avoid the steeper section near the bottom by following a track on the right. Here you join the forest track from Bionnassay and which leads to the traverse path described above, (avoids the avalanche runnels.)
  • From Bionnassay Start from the Crozat parking just above Bionnassay. Follow the forest track up to the chalet de l’Are.

From the chalet de l’Are continue S until it is possible to descend the moraine onto the glacier, traverse it and climb up the moraine on the other side, (can be awkward). With the shrinking of the glacier the easiest way now tends to be lower down than shown on the IGN map and involves climbing up into the trees shortly after the turn off for the summer path to the bridge. From the top of the moraine find a way down through the saplings, initially steep, onto the glacier. The exit is up the wooded area on the right, near the summer path. This leads into the Tricot cwm which is ascended to the Col de Tricot (2120).


Ski down to the chalets de Miage and cross the stream to reach the 4x4 track, (slightly uphill at first,) leading to La Gruvaz. Alternatively, skin up to the Chalet du Truc, (150m of ascent) and take the 4x4 track down to La Frasse. A short walk leads to Les Contamines where it is possible to catch a bus and train back to Les Houches. (3.50€ + 4€ in 2018)

The descent is S facing.

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