Aiguille du Goléon - SE couloir - Aiguille du Goléon - Grandes Rousses - Arves - France
Min / max altitude1770m / 3427m
Duration1 day
Main facingS, E
Route typereturn_same_way
Gear* Crampons et piolet


From the village of Les Hières, take the trail along the valley to the hamlet of Valfroide. Go to the N, pass the cottage Celle, then climb along the torrent Chasse. Always continue N to cross a pass (3029 m) in the Rochers du Vallon. Go up the slopes facing the E (Petit Verdillon) to a small pass slightly E of the summit. Follow the ridge for a few meters to reach the summit.

Variation: you can also at Petit Verdillon (if the slopes are not safe) join the S edge and follow it to the summit.


By the same route, or by the Petit Verdillon to go through the lake and refuge of Goléon.

  • About 2.5 km of flat at the start. Then it goes uphill all along.
  • The slopes of Petit Verdillon are inclined at 35/40 °, with a slightly steeper passage near the summit.
  • Some easy little climbing steps on the S edge.
  • General orientation S and final E.
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