Martschalstock - via Lai da Tuma - Martschalstock - Bündner Oberland - Adula - Tessin E - Switzerland
Min / max altitude2044m / 2743m
Duration1 day
Main facingSE
Route typeReturn the same way


5h -11 km approximately

Preliminary remarks: the name Martschalstock does not appear on topographical maps. It is spot elevation 2743 to the N of Martschallücke (2684m) and to the NW of Fil Tuma.

From the Oberalppass station, start with a descent by traversing the high mountain pasture called Plauncas Cuflegl at the foot of steep and avalanchous slopes to the SE then S. Be careful in heavy snow conditions, this high mountain pasture is a genuine source of large sluffs. Around 1900m, to the E of point 1831 (Surpalits), put your skins on. Heading S, you first traverse a depression and its stream. Continue primarily to the S and via gentle slopes go up a broad valley while passing through the Tgatlems and Plidutscha high mountain pastures to point 2174. Be careful in this valley as well, sluffs come down from the slopes to the W of Plidutscha.

From point 2174, head diagonally towards the W and take a steeper, narrower and more effective slope which leads to Lai da Tuma (2345m). Traverse or go around the lake depending on its state (if in doubt, go around!) and continue towards the NW in an obvious scoop (Alp Tuma) which leads to Martschallücke. Do not go to this pass. At around elevation 2500m, pull towards the N to find the foot of Fil Tuma and skirt this rocky dorsal to the NE to reach the SE pass (2620m) of Martschalstock. Go back up the ridge to the NW until the summit (2743m). You can also be satisfied with Martschallücke (2684m).

Descent by the same route or directly under the summit (slightly steeper) without passing via the SE pass again. You need to put your skins back on to go back to the station of Oberalppass. It is possible to carry out the traverse towards Andermatt (HD: -1300m) while descending via the slopes of Pazolastock or Rossbodenstock.

At the end of the season, when Oberalppass is open to cars, it is possible to reach point 1831. You start the tour slightly to the W of this point and avoid putting on your skins when returning as mentioned above for the winter route.

It is possible to reach Pazolastock (2740m) and Rossbodenstock (2836m) via the ridge which connects these two summits and which passes through Martschalstock and the Martschallücke. Numerous possible sequences in the surroundings. via Lai da Tuma, Badus (2928m) and Rossbodenstock (2,836m). Slightly more to the E, you can reach the Piz Cavradis (2614m) via Camona da Maighels. You can also climb Pazolastock (2740m) via its E slopes (Nurschalas Grondas) and descend towards the station of Oberalppass via its NE slopes.

The starting altitude, easy access and the weather system (the range gets precipitation coming from N and S) make the region of Oberalppass an interesting spot at the beginning and end of the season.

An S3 slope under Lai da Tuma. Otherwise S2. The traverse of Plauncas Cuflegl is not very comfortable when sluffs have fallen.

SE in the upper part of the route (Alp Tuma and summit). E under Lai du Tuma and for Plauncas Cuflegl. Primarily N for the rest of the route.

Access: Andermatt is THE crossroads of the Swiss Alps because of its central location. The access to Oberalppass is by the train most of the season (until around the end of April - beginning of May, depending on the seasons). From the N (Zurich): Göschenen (motorway A2 exit) > Andermatt > Oberalppass. From the W (Haut-Valais): Oberwald > Realp (via the Furka tunnel) Andermatt > Oberalppass. From the E (Grisons): Vallée de la Surselva > Sedrun > Oberalppass. From the S (Tessin), pass through the Gotthard and Göschenen tunnels.

You can also easily get to Andermatt by train, from Zurich and also Haut-Valais (through the Furka tunnel). Schedules and fares on Coming from the N (Zürich), you can avoid parking problems in Andermatt (ski station) by leaving your car and taking the train to Göschenen.

Accommodation: Camona da Maighlels (SAC, Sektion Piz Terri, 2314m). Telephone: 695.850/164.550. 100 places. Cabanne is interesting for touring in stellar crystal. Attended generally from: end of December - to the beginning of May, also on request. Winter refuge not attended: 14 places and possibility of cooking. For information: (in German).

Lodging in Andermatt .

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