Pointe de Chavasse - Loop and summit - Pointe de Chavasse - Chablais - France

Pointe de Chavasse - Loop and summit

Pointe de Chavasse - Chablais - France

Min / max altitude1118m / 2012m
Duration1 day
Main facingN
GearSi la montée par le couloir W de Chavasse est envisagée, il vaut mieux prévoir le piolet et les crampons et éventuellement une petite corde.

From La Chèvrerie (1118m), follow the road transformed into cross-country skiing track to the SSW until the Plan des Rasses (~1250m). Leave then the road, to climb to the S in the forest via a trail leading to the Chavan chalet (~1580m). Via slopes open to the SW, you reach the Chavan pass (1737m). From there it is easy to reach the summit of Haute Pointe (1958m) by its E face.

Then descend towards the Coin (1571m), Têtes (1557m) and Ramaz (1512m) chalets. Pass Ramaz pass (1559m) to reach Chalet Blanc (1671m) via a long ascending traverse towards the NE. The fork to the left (NW) to climb to the Vésinaz pass (1802m). Go around a rocky tower via the S and go up the SE face of Chavasse. You reach the NE ridge at a small notch and follow the ridge as far as the summit of the Pointe de la Chavasse (2012m).

Ascent variant: after Chavan pass, it is possible to follow the crest to the E until the foot of the W ridge of Chavasse. The summit is then reached by a rather steep corridor (W corridor-150m high, sections over 50°) located in the S side of the ridge.

Descent: from the summit go down the NE ridge until the small notch and descend on the left via the N slopes, which are rather steep (S3/S4) but little exposed and quickly become broader (S3). You can also start from slightly higher but it is steeper and narrower (S4).

This leads then to a semi-plateau. From there, you can reach the way up by traversing towards the W towards Chavan or cutting directly across slopes more or less open to the NNW. You can also remain on the right (E) and traverse the broad slopes of the Pététoz pasture, go to the Pététoz chalets (~1520m), then to pull to N to return to the forest road which descends to La Chèvrerie.

Roughly speaking, the course has two climbs (600 and 500m) and two descents (250 and 850m). The detour (recommended) via Haute Pointe adds a 200m HD. It should be noted that at the beginning and end of the season, it is only possible to reach Plan des Rasses by car (snow tyres useful).

Few difficulties on skis if not starting at the N scoop of Chavasse: 33°/150m and 40° at the start after Labande. S3/S4. The ascent variant via the W corridor of Chavasse is rather alpine with very steep and slightly exposed sections but this is a very elegant route.

All faces can be done but the most interesting descent faces N.

Access: From the vallée de l’Arve via Mégevette or from Thonon, go to the village of Bellevaux (D26). Slightly to the S of Bellevaux, take D236 in the direction of Lac de Vallon and of the small ski resort of the Chèvrery. You can park at the ski lift parking lot at the end of the road.

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