Le Chantonnet - Via the "Crette de la Perche" - Le Chantonnet - Valais W - Pennine Alps W - Italy

Le Chantonnet - Via the "Crette de la Perche"

Le Chantonnet - Valais W - Pennine Alps W - Italy

Min / max altitude1635m / 2576m
Duration1 day
Main facingN
Route typereturn_same_way


From La Fouly continue up the road and park at the hamlet of Le Clou, (Also known as Les Granges, eg on bus stop sign.) The road normally ends here in winter, the continuation being a ski piste.


From here follow the road/piste for about 200m until it is possible to go down on the right to a bridge over the river. Cross the ski du fond piste and climb upwards towards the Gite de la Léchère (small signpost at start of the climb.) You firstly pass a small wooden chalet (1780m) before seeing the gite higher up on your right. (N.B. If there is no parking left near the end of the road, it is possible to start lower down, half way towards La Fouly, and cross the river at a lower bridge. A path directly opposite the crossing takes you up to a broader track which is then followed almost horizontally for a couple of hundred metres to the gite mentioned above.)

Continue up a little combe to E of the “Cretté de la Gouille” until Point 2141m. From here traverse along the N side of the Cretté de la Perche, go past a false col into the Combe des Fonds. At about 2270m, go diagonally to the left to climb steeply to the top of large mound above Point 2370m (Planfins de la Léchère). From here it is possible to continue to the Tete de Ferret, (see associated route above.) Instead go SW to the summit of “Le Chantonnet”, which overlooks the “Petit Col Ferret”.


By the same route. Be careful at the Crette de la Perche: windslab or a thin covering over stoney ground, (ski wrecking.) Check on the way up. In good conditions several variants are possible for the descent.

Faces mainly N with the start facing E. The Planfins de la Léchère catches the sun making it an excellent place for a picnic, (likewise the little chalet at 1780m.)

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