Dent d'Oche - Large Loop - Col de Trepertuis - Chablais - France

Dent d'Oche - Large Loop

Col de Trepertuis - Chablais - France

Min / max altitude1100m / 2222m
Duration1 day
Main facingS
Route typeloop
Snowboarding possible

From the hamlet of Malpasset (1100m), or lower depending on whether the road is open or not, follow the road transformed into ski track until the Fétuière restaurant (1206m). Then head W on a sometimes badly snow covered forest road which leads to the Oche dale, dominated by the S slopes of Rebollion pass.

From the Oche chalets (1630m), go towards Planchamp d’Oche pass and, before approaching the slopes leading to it, leave the scoop by a rather broad weak spot between the rock barriers towards the S. You then arrive on the plateau of Lac de la Case (1750m). Then go completely W towards Portes d’Oche pass (1937m) along the S cliffs of Chateau d’Oche.

From the pass, go down as little as possible and by traversing a circle arc you reach Pavis pass (1944m) dominating the Darbon cirque. The pass is rather wide (plateau). Towards the NE is Journées scoop which provides a superb not very difficult descent.

As close as possible to Rochers de Chauffes Floras take a rather broad and steeper corridor (approximately 40°) but rather short, you will find the Neuteu chalets on the left. Do not descend the slope until the forest but fork when possible towards the W to the base of the crags.

After some traverses and slight descents, you put your skins back on and start an rather long traverse which ends up going back to the Trepertuis pass (1880m). From the pass traverse slightly towards Rebollion pass and go as W as possible in a broad corridor in the trees towards the NW (Joux de Neuva) then go to the W towards Malpasset (trails and fields).

1400 metres of HD in 2 times. The highest point of the loop is Col des Pavis at 1944m. If you climb to the Roc de Rianda (after Trépertuis pass), the summit is at 1951m.

A few difficult sections and never very long : S3/S4 section to reach the dale of Trépertuis and of long sections in S3. 40° over 50 m in the small corridor. 35° in other sections.

All orientations since it is a loop. The slopes S, the sunniest, are approached during the first part of the route.

Access: From Thonon, go to Bernex then the small village of Trossy until the hamlet of Malpasset (aiming at Dent d’Oche).

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