Allalinhorn - Normal Route - Allalinhorn - Valais E - Pennine Alps E - Switzerland
Min / max altitude3454m / 4027m
Duration1 day
Main facingN
Route typereturn_same_way
GearPiccozza e ramponi utili se non si prosegue in vetta con gli sci. Rampanti necessari. Imbraco e corda per il ghiacciaio.
Glacier gear required
Lift approach
Snowboarding possible

A very popular route, therefore usually well tracked.


From the Mittelallalin, cross the ski pistes then go up diagonally under the N ridge, (cafeful seracs,) as high as possible to avoid the large crevasses under the col. The crevasses can also be avoided by passing under the Feekopf, (depends on conditions.) Once at the small col go up the snow slope on the left to the summit. Variant from the Britanmia hut: follow the track that traverses to the top of the Felskin cable car, then descend by the black ski piste to a chairlift at 2850m. Go up slightly to the right, by the ski pistes to join the route from the Mittelallalin. A height gain of 1100m for this variant.


By the same route.

Not much height gain (600m) if you use the “metro”. An easy route, if the crevasses do not cause problems and the summit is not too icy. A good introduction to the 4000m peaks, possible for young alpinistes if you take your time. Price of the lift (in 2011) 53 CHF (full price) ou 26.50 (with the CFF half price card.)

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