Acéphale - disbelief - Acéphale - Canada
Acéphale - disbelief

Acéphale - disbelief

Acéphale - Canada

Min / max altitude1600m

Area Colisseum

8C explosive path, and then one first crux in 7C+ according to Adam Ondra.

“Disbelief” 5.15b (9b), probably upper end of the grade. Acephale, Canmore, Canada. It was a crazy day. I almost wanted to give up. After two tries, when I got to the crux move (which is actually a foot move) totally fresh, I would slip off for like 15th time. No light at the end of the tunnel…despite the fact I stuck the move 10 days ago once, only to fall off 2 moves higher. On my 3rd try of the day, I somehow did not slip and did not fall. I cannot think many other routes where I climbed so close to my limit.” -Ondra

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