ViewCap of Calico Peak - SouthEast Gully - ViewCap of Calico Peak - United States
ViewCap of Calico Peak - SouthEast Gully

ViewCap of Calico Peak - SouthEast Gully

ViewCap of Calico Peak - United States

Min / max altitude1220m / 1420m
Duration1 day
Main facingSE


Interesting hiking/scrambling approach. Sustained interesting moves through crux gully/slot. To a big summit view. With proportionally not much extra work. Useful as a descent.


From the “Second Pull-Out” parking (N36.1518 W115.4374) on the Red River Scenic Loop road, hike about 300 ft N on trail descending, at junction sharp Right down 130 ft E into wash. Next about 300 ft N without obvious trail, along left (W) side of wash, and NNE 250ft downward into center of wash (N36.1549 W115.4365). Into long uphill with some scrambling sections and sometimes vegetation to avoid, 1000 ft N to reach the Frostie Shack Pass (N36.1581 W115.4368), with some nice shade. Hot sunny day, stop inside for a refreshing drink (but bring your own ice).

From Calico Basin parking: Frostie Shack Pass can also be reached from the SE, starting from parking in Calico Basin (outside the Scenic Loop road) – but much longer, with a little higher difficulty and lots more quantity of scrambling/climbing … First up to the “Middle Sand Flat” (GPS lat long approx N36.1577 W115.4354).-.(elevation 4325 ft /1320m), then about 400 ft WNW in a narrow gully.

?? See directions on the Calico Peaks area description page (under the Pass crossings section).


From the Frostie Shack Pass (N36.1581 W115.4368), scramble up about 250 ft NNW, see narrow slot in rocks above left photo . Scramble (some 4th class moves, or at least sustained exposed 3rd class) 200 ft NW through this to gentler ground (N36.1592 W115.4376).

From here a nice objective is around SW about 200 ft to the Calico South Viewpoint (N36.1585 W115.4380)

Or to reach one of the higher Calico Peak summits, go about 150 ft NW, then 300 ft N with some scrambling.

descent Return the same way.


More photos - - > see SouthEast Gully route on

More photos and different details: see the Branch Whitney print guidebook, Hiking Las Vegas, page 75, “Calico Hills II Overlook Route”.

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