Phnom Bei Sambao - The Bo Fang - Phnom Bei Sambao - Cambodia

Phnom Bei Sambao - The Bo Fang

Phnom Bei Sambao - Cambodia

Min / max altitude450m
Duration1 day
Main facingNE
Route typeloop

Start from the point 10,599909;104,834193.

Going straight to the W and try to reach the mountain’s base through the rice fields. There is a small path used by local peoples which is going to a temple under a big boulder. Keep going behind the temple, do your best to get the slab’s base. Then, you have to going along the cliff to your right on 100m to get the most positive part. 2h from the road.

The route starts right here to get the top of the cliff. There is 7 pitches.

1: straight along a crack, anchor on a tree. 60m, 5.5

2: a bit on the left side. Anchor on a tree, in a deep chimney, just under a steeper slab. 50m, 5.5

3: The crux. Get the crack front of you, follow it and climb the slab over it. You will find two big cracks, with a few shrubs to set an anchor. (not easy to put some protections). 60m, 5.7

4: Keep going straight on five meters and then, there is two options: right or left of a crack full of vegetation. Each way is going in big and easy slab to a tree, on a good terrace to set the anchor. 50m, 5.5

5 and 6: straight up to the first top. Very positive and easy climb.60m and 40m, 5.3

7: From the first top, going down a bit in small pass, and get the top by an easy chimney. 30m, 5.3

To going down: Going back to the pass, and then take a steep couloir on your left (W, 50m) and come out from it on your right side by a big horizontal crack. Then you have to bushwhack in huge jungly couloir along the cliff to get the route’s start (preferable to check it from the road). 2.5h

Easy route but quite long. Especially to get the route’s start and to come back. There is absolutely no gear and you have to use every time your own protection. Once you have climbed the third pitch, it is hard to get back. Pretty serious enterprise. Get there only if you’re familiar with trad climbing.

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