Stol - Grüne Ries - Hochstuhl - Kamnik-Savinja Alps - Karavanke - Austria
Min / max altitude949m / 2237m
Duration1 day
Main facingNW
Route typereturn_same_way


Start from Stouhütte (960m). In the spring, the track might be cleared until 1200m.


Head up the forest track until 1400m, in a S direction, then turn to the right of the main ridge coming down from Hochstuhl. Go up the wide corridor, slope around 30-35 degrees, heading S. Around 1800m turn to the SW in a narrow corridor to reach the ridge around 1900m. Follow the ridge to the E to reach the summit.


Same way.

Careful of avalanches, and rocks falling from the N ridge of Hochstuhl.

The snow stays until late in the spring.

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