Stol - Grüne Ries - Hochstuhl - Kamnik-Savinja Alps - Karavanke - Austria
Min / max altitude949m / 2237m
Duration1 day
Main facingNW
Route typeReturn the same way



Start from Stouhütte (960m). In the spring, the track might be cleared until 1200m.


Head up the forest track until 1400m, in a S direction, then turn to the right of the main ridge coming down from Hochstuhl. Go up the wide corridor, slope around 30-35 degrees, heading S. Around 1800m turn to the SW in a narrow corridor to reach the ridge around 1900m. Follow the ridge to the E to reach the summit.


Same way.

Careful of avalanches, and rocks falling from the N ridge of Hochstuhl.

The snow stays until late in the spring.

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