Hirzer - NW ridge, from Wattental - Hirzer - Zillertal Alps - Austria
Hirzer - NW ridge, from Wattental

Hirzer - NW ridge, from Wattental

Hirzer - Zillertal Alps - Austria

Min / max altitude1347m / 2725m
Duration1 day
Main facingNW
Route typeReturn the same way



From the Wattental, just before the Gasthof Haneburger, take the forest trail going in hairpins, until a clearing around 1600m (Poversalm). Continue up through the clearing (heading E), through a bit of forest (head SE) around 2000m. From the Povers-Hochleger hut (2100m), continue SE, and climb along the shoulder. There’s a flatter part around 2500m, and follow the obvious ridge until the summit (some rocky parts, can be all done on skis when conditions are good)


Same way. If the ridge is too rocky (snow blown away), it can be avoid by heading shortly on the S face below the summit cross for a few meters, getting back on the ridge 20-30 m below the summit, and crossing over to the N face and joining back the ridge at the flat part around 2500m

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