Gola Plješevica - Ski touring Gola Plješevica - Gola Plješevica - Croatia
Gola Plješevica - Ski touring Gola Plješevica

Gola Plješevica - Ski touring Gola Plješevica

Gola Plješevica - Croatia

Min / max altitude650m / 1648m
Duration1 day
Main facingS


By Car: From D1 road in village Rudanovac by Korenica town take right turn(if coming from Zagreb, Left if coming from the coast) towards village Mihaljevac.

If the road to Mihaljevac is not properly cleaned it is best to drive to Korenica and leave the car in the center. From the center it’s about an hour hike to the start of the route. Take Alojzija Stepinca Street until you cross the Matica creek, and then just take the bearing towards Mihaljevac. The Korenica field is wide and open and it is possible to walk directly to the start of the route.


Continued by foot: The start of the route is marked by a construction of wooden beams on the ranch. Pass E of that construction towards the ravine. When the bushes become denser bear towards the left side of the ravine until you meet the old path. Follow the path to the top of the ravine. The path crosses a small clearing at the top of the ravine and then enters a forest. When you reach the first gravel road turn left for about 50m, and then right in to the forest.

There are foresting roads/paths at this stage and left W of you can recognize a power line which leads to the antenna on the top. The route passes right of the power line but follows the foresting paths.

Follow the foresting path slightly to the right until it starts climbing diagonally left into the hill. Cross the next gravel road and continue up a steep foresting path. From this point follow the foresting paths to their end or just follow the GPS path. When the foresting path ends continue roughly in the same direction around the hill and descending to a small coll in the forest. Continue thru the forest uphill until you reach the power line, then follow it to the gravel road just W of the antenna on the top. Take the gravel road slightly descending towards W. When you reach the col cross on the N side and continue on the gravel road to the top.


It is possible to ski directly from the top thru a wide couloire . On the day the GPS track was made we had to turn back due to bad weather, so we skied a variant around the couloire. It is important to avoid the terrain just between the top col and the end of the powerline because of deep caves and rugh rocky terrain. Otherwise it is possible to ski/board thru the open forest until you reach the leg of the powerline. There you need to cross under it to rejoin the assent route.

This is the situation in the winter of 2012./2013. Hopefully this route is to be marked by mountaineering signs, to make thing allot easier.

Update: October 2014. The path is marked with hiking signs from the center of Korenica.

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