Luknja - 1758, pass - Julian Alps - Slovenia


Julian Alps - Slovenia

1758 m


The Luknja pass (or notch) is between Triglav (E) and Pihavec (2419 m, W). The pass offers a passage (luknja = hole) between the Vrata valley (N) and the Trenta valley (S). Seen from the Vrata valley (below the huge Triglav N face), the Luknja pass is on the right, at the foot of the Triglav NW ridge.

The Luknja Pass is the starting point of the route along the Triglav NW ridge (Plemenice), and the start of a path towards Bovški Gamsovec (access to the Razor/Prisojnik ensemble). On both sides of the pass, N and S, the tour skier has his word to say (and of course also the summer hiker).

In the times of homemade meteorology, they used to say, on the N side (f.i. in Mojstrana), that if Luknja is visible, the weather would be fair. Note that the pass is on the watershed line: Black Sea (Sava, Danube) / Adriatic Sea (Soča).