Stairmaster Pass - 1310, pass - United States
Stairmaster Pass

Stairmaster Pass

United States

1310 m


Lies between Calico South Ridge and Red Book Point, provides connection between Second Pull-Out (2PO) parking on the Red Rock Scenic Loop drive from northwest to southeast to Assisi Rd or Red Springs parking in Calico Basin.


East access by Calico Basin:

  • from Assisi Rd parking (N36.1495 W115.4199) : Hike WNW about +190 m uphill over 1.2 km distance, at first on rough gravel road, gets much steeper with some scrambing sections near the end.

  • from Red Springs parking (N36.1466 W115.4186) : Hike NW about +200 m uphill over 1.35 km distance, gets much steeper with some scrambling sections near the end.

West access by Scenic Loop road:

  • from Second Pull-Out (2PO) parking - - > See instructions for “Location” of the Red Book Point - Walrus Gully route on MountainProject.

(Sometimes called “South Pass” or “Guardian Angel”)

(See “so” on the MP map