Frostie Shack Pass - 1335, pass - United States
Frostie Shack Pass

Frostie Shack Pass

United States

1335 m


Located between Red Book Point and Calico Peak, provides connection between Second Pull-Out (2PO) parking on the Red Rock Scenic Loop drive, from southwest to southeast to Sandstone Drive parking in Calico Basin. Arrive here on a hot sunny day and stop in for a drink in the shade – but bring your own ice.


West approach by the Red Rock Scenic Loop road is quickest.

  • from Second Pull-Out parking : Hike about 300 ft N on trail descending, at junction sharp Right down 130 ft E into wash. Next about 300 ft N without obvious trail, along left (W) side of wash, and NNE 250ft downward into center of wash (N36.1549 W115.4365). Into long uphill with some scrambling sections and sometimes vegetation to avoid, 1000 ft N to reach the Frostie Shack Pass

East access by Calico Basin:

  • from Assisi Rd parking (N36.1495 W115.4199) : Hike NW 0.65 km (toward the big lower SE ridge of Red Book Point) on rough gravel road to some picnic tables, then NNW 0.5 km going right along the base of the ridge to the base of a wide gully (N36.1540 W115.4260) … (this point could also be reached by going 0.65 km WSW from Sandstone Rd parking) … The central gully starts narrow and steep, so likely better at first to scramble up right (NNW) onto slabs above its right side and scramble up on those (roughly West) for about 350 feet, then traverse left into the central gully and scramble up that, at first West then curves WNW and finally NorthWest (along the base of the Red Book Point ridge above left) for a total of about 0.8 km to a higher saddle - somewhere around (N36.1567 W115.4335) - (see the Calico / Tanks Pass ahead above slightly rightward). Continue over this saddle and scramble down 0.15 mile NW to a flat sandy (wet?) area - the “Middle Sand Flat” (N36.1577 W115.4354). Then continue farther left (WNW) about 0.2 km in a narrow gully (somewhat difficult) which goes over a small pass, to reach Middle Pass … (Total about +183 m uphill over 2.25 km distance from Assisi Rd).

  • return to Assisi Rd parking from Frostie Shack Pass : Head roughly SE about 0.25 km parallel alongside below the NW ridge of Red Book Point (first to the “Middle Sand Flat” (N36.1577 W115.4354) and scramble up onto a rise - (somewhere around N36.1567 W115.4335) - (with big view to S + E). Scramble over this rise down into a broad gully. Go a long ways SSE then SE down in this gully, with some interesting scrambling sections. Just before the central gully drops down steeper and narrower - (? somewhere around (N36.1542 W115.4274 ?) - exit Left (NE) onto slabs. Find the easiest way wandering down those slabs until reach unsigned trail on gentle ground (N36.1540 W115.4260). Next hike SSE for 0.5 km along base of big rock ridge to some picnic tables, then down a rough gravel road SE 0.65 km to Assisi Rd parking.

(sometimes called “Middle Pass”)

(See “mp” on the MP map